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The Cast And Crew

The reference in the article title to the crew is what you were thinking it is. The cast probably isn't. I broke my hand last Thursday falling off of my bicycle. Nothing glamorous - just a random accident. A pear was involved. I flew headfirst over the handle bars and managed to catch myself before my head hit the pavement. I saved my skull but I fractured the fifth metacarpal on my left hand. In case you're not sure where you might find a metacarpal, here's a picture:

So I went to the doctor and he put a large misshapen cast on my hand. Nowadays you can get a cast in the color of your choosing. When I mentioned I worked at a winery, the nurse told me that the color selection included Cabernet. I must be in Wine Country. They were able to leave three fingers sticking out of the cast, so now I've been reduced to one hand and one wine tinted claw. It's going to take at least four weeks to heal so I'll pretty much be a crippled rat for all of September. One problem is that I can't get my cast wet and, as you know by now, being drenched comes with the territory. So my dear mother found a solution: A latex arm-length mitten that vacuum seals onto your skin. It's like the Chiller - effective but ugly. The goofy thing is bright blue and when I wear it it looks like I ran into Dr. Frankenstein and he took it upon himself to replace my arm with that of a Smurf's (an obese Smurf that underwent a botched liposuction).

I could tell you how disspointed I am or how difficult it's going to be. But I'm not going to do that. I'm going to keep on working and do as much as I possibly can with a smile on my face. When I showed my cast to Robert he gruffly told me to pick up a bottle with my hurt hand. I picked it up with my claw hastily. "See," he said, "You'll be fine."

I'm not going to dwell on it. I'm just going to move on and eventually things will be back to normal. So let's do just that.

It occurred to me that what really makes the winery experience fun has a lot to do with the people you work with and insofar I haven't really provided you, the reader, with a sense of what the crew is like. They're all hard workers but they're also a bunch of characters. Right now my fingers feel like dumb bells and I need to get some rest, but tomorrow I'm going to break it down and describe everybody's stories and their idiosyncrasies. Stay tuned!

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    Chronicles Of A Deerfield Cellar Rat - Cellar Rat Blog - The Cast And Crew
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    Chronicles Of A Deerfield Cellar Rat - Cellar Rat Blog - The Cast And Crew
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    Chronicles Of A Deerfield Cellar Rat - Cellar Rat Blog - The Cast And Crew
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Reader Comments (3)

LOL Blue Smurf!

September 3, 2009 | Unregistered CommenterPete

i remember ur black cast....

u need to be more graceful...

September 4, 2009 | Registered CommenterCarmen

You forgot your cave dwelling friends! It's okay, I'll help.......

The furry guy behind the bar it Ben, after working most of his life with the carnival he settled in Kenwood to hug trees professionally. The trees suggested he get a job at Deerfield, very smart trees. He worked the cellar for several years then migrated to the tasting room, to the delight of many a Sonoma Valley visitor.

The corporate refugee is John. Following his life in a cube he wandered in a car, settled in a home, and found happiness in a cave. As a shining beacon of awesome he aids guests in experiencing Deerfield first hand. With a quick wrist and the aid of gravity many a drop of our ancient elixir has been enjoyed.


September 9, 2009 | Unregistered CommenterAnonymous hippopotamus

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